In 1997 we celebrated the 50th anniversary of maritime education in the Western Pomerania Region, and in 1999 – the 30th anniversary of the Szczecin Maritime University. Today we are proud to be able to offer one of the most modern systems of maritime education and training. 

Faculty of Navigation

Faculty of Marine Engineering

Faculty of Economics and Transport  Engineering 

Our University is a technical school with over a 60-year-old tradition. In three faculties (Faculty of Navigation, Faculty of Maritime Engineering, Faculty of Economics and Transport Engineering) offering 9 specializations study 4 000 students a year. Our mission is to educate highly qualified maritime staff i.e. navigators and mechanics answering the needs of contemporary transport and fishing fleet as well as offshore staff prepared to implement computer software and systems for supporting transfer of information in the transport-forwarding-logistics industry.
The University has over 100 well-equipped laboratories, a modern research-training vessel the m/s Nawigator XXI and 16 technically most advanced simulators: Marine Centrifugal Pump’s Simulator, Ship Handling Simulator, Anti-Collision ARPA Simulator, Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) Simulator, Vessel Traffic System (VTS) Simulator, Satellite Communication System Simulator – GMDSS, Hydro-Acoustic Simulator, Autopilot Simulator, Radar Simulator, Cargo Handling Simulator, Fishing Simulator, Operational Engine Room Simulator, Graphical Engine Room Simulator, Refrigeration Simulator, Marine Centrifugal Pump’s Simulator, Full-Mission Bridge Simulator with several virtual bridges and Engine Room Simulator.
They make our University one of the best-equipped maritime universities in the world. To add, we participate in numerous international projects and actively apply for funds to the EU funding instruments. In the years 2007-2013 we gained over 18 mln € for different purposes, from research through lifelong learning to infrastructure.

Accreditation and collaboration

         ISO 9001

        STCW 1978/1995


First degree:

Marine power plant operation

Marine machine and equipment diagnosis and repair

Operation of marine propulsion

Transport engineering

Transport management

Second degree

Operation of marine propulsion

Operation of marine machine and equipment   


Machine construction and operation 

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