Establishing the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT) as a regional institute for maritime transport started as a notion in the Arab League Transport Committee’s meetings on 11th of March, 1970. This notion came after the Arab League’s Council issued, in its fifty third session, decree no. 2631/1970 stipulating the endorsement of founding a regional center for maritime transport training. The decree commissioned the Arab Republic of Egypt, on behalf of all the Arab countries, to ask for a technical aid from the United Nations’ organizations specialized in the field of maritime transport. Over five years (from 1991 to 1996), the educational and maritime training services excelled through the continuous Egyptian Ministry of Transport funding. Consequently in 1992, the AASTMT was granted the most modern training ship, “Aida 4″, as a donation from the Japanese government. This achievement on the part of the AASTMT has contributed to the ARE’s achievement in the field of supporting maritime education and training.


 As a reward for its eminence and great reputation on the international level, in 1994 the AASTMT was awarded the most modern simulator in the world (completed in two phases) from the USA administration. Cooperation with the American counterpart continued to found an advanced technology center. At this stage, the AASTMT has become capable of occupying an eminent position on the international level and of exceeding regional horizons to international ones because of owning the best training vessel, the most modern simulator in addition to offering a number of scholarships that have exceeded 120,000 scholarships at that time for students from 58 countries. For these many and tempting reasons and fruitful achievements, the World Bank has chosen the AASTMT from four international organizations representing the Norwegian Swedish Group, the Hungarian Group and the Danish Group to develop maritime education in Bangladesh by a limited tender. This has definitely been a glamorous achievement and the AASTMT’s proposal has been chosen as the best both technically and financially to carry out this significant international project that placed the AASTMT in the list of consultation agencies in the field of maritime transport at the World Bank and the universal maritime society as a whole.  In addition, in October 1996, after surviving all the difficulties and fighting all the battles, and after having such secure position in the fields of engineering and business science and technology, it has become important that the AASTMT invest its achievement in the area of maritime transport to modify its title from: “The Arab Academy for Science and Technology: A university specialized in maritime transport.” to “The Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport” (AASTMT).


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