Clyde Marine Training Ltd is part of The Clyde Group based in Glasgow, Scotland.  As a group, we offer the highest level of services to both the marine and corporate sectors. Founded in 1986, Clyde Marine Training has grown to be the largest maritime training provider in the UK recruiting approximately 50% of the annual Trainee Officer intake for the British Merchant Navy which is considerably more than any other training organisations such as BP, Shell, Maersk and SSTG. Our continuous aim is to be the foremost provider of quality services to the Marine sector and we are proud of our ISO 9001 – 2008 Lloyds Register Quality Assurance Accreditation.

Don’t just take our word for it – over the last few years CMT have won two awards for their commitment to running a professional business offering a unique service level.

  • 2009 – we wonthe Glasgow Business Award for Best Performing Business  
  • 2010 – marked inclusion in the Smarta 100.
  • 2011 & 2012 – Named one of Scotland’s Best Small Worplaces
  • We are also a Corportate Marine Partner to the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST).

At Clyde Marine Training we currently have contracts with over 50 shipping companies to interview and select well motivated young people on their behalf and oversee their progress during their training to become merchant navy cadets. We have approximately 900 trainees within the system, undergoing training in colleges and universities in Shetland, Glasgow, South Tyneside, Fleetwood, Liverpool, Plymouth and Southampton. Our Trainees are managed by a dedicated team of over 20 staff who are based in both our head office in Glasgow and in our Southampton office.



Marine short courses

Clyde Marine Training is justifiably proud of its reputation for facilitating and delivering tailored short courses, including STCW 1978 as amended. So far, thousands of crew members have benefited from this training. Certificated, in-house staff provide this training, often at short notice, through offices in Glasgow and Southampton. However alternative locations can be arranged, including onboard vessels. Reassuringly Clyde Marine Training works to standards laid down by the International Maritime Organisation in the STCW1978 as amended code and is approved by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency.

Elementary First Aid

This 1 day course is designed to form part of the mandatory basic minimum requirements for all familiarisation and basic safety training for seafarers with designated emergency duties. Upon successful completion of this course, candidates will receive an Elementary First Aid Certificate.

Personal Survival Techniques

This 1 day course is designed to form part of the mandatory basic safety training for seafarers. It deals with the actions to be taken by individuals to protect themselves in emergency situations and includes practical training in the use of lifejackets and inflatable life rafts. Exercises are carefully supervised by qualified staff and can be undertaken by non-swimmers.

Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities

This course forms part of the mandatory basic safety training for all seafarers assigned safety or pollution prevention duties. Its objectives are to give basic induction training in safety procedures and accident prevention and to familiarise personnel with the employment conditions and working environment onboard merchant vessels.

Crowd Management

This course has been developed from our approved STCW 95 Crisis Management & Human Behaviour Course, and satisfies the requirements of the code section A-V/2 & 3 paragraph 1. It is mandatory training for all crew members who have a duty to assist passengers in emergencies.

Crisis Management & Human Behaviour

This course is designed for Officers and any other person having responsibility for the safety of passengers in an emergency situation. The course covers emergency plans and procedures, the identification of stress and communication and control methods for situations involving passengers and crew members.

Basic Fire Awareness

This half day Basic Fire Awareness course is intended to give all candidates basic knowledge of fire safety, fire prevention and an understanding of the hazards of fire. Candidates will learn the need for prompt, safe and correct action to be taken on the outbreak of a fire.

Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention

Course Content;

* Fire Theory.
* Use of extinguishers, hoses and nozzles.
* Use of breathing apparatus.

Assessment procedures – Continuous assesment by observation and questioning of learning outcomes..

This course is required under STCW Regulations for new entrants into the Merchant Navy as part of the mandatory Basic Safety Training.

Courses can be run on demand. Further dates are available on request. Please contact us for more information.

Advanced Fire Fighting

It is mandatory that you have previously completed the STCW 95 Basic Firefighting and Fire Prevention training before attending this course which progresses further into fire safety and prevention onboard.

Medical First Aid

This course is for those who will be responsible for providing first aid on vessels up to 150 miles shore. The Elementary First Aid course must be complete before attending this course.

Medical Care Onboard Ship

This course will involve training in practical skills, observations of the casualty and use of medications for persons in charge of medical care when 150miles from shore. Before attending this course the candidate must have completed the Elementary First Aid and Medical First Aid courses and have eighteen months sea time.

Ship Security Officer

This course will involve ensuring the development of a Ship Security Assessment, the duties and responsibilities for the security of a ship and to maintain and update a Ship Security Plan.

Maritime Security Officer

With the increase in piracy in shipping there is a growing demand for highly trained security personnel. This 2 day course provide Maritime Security professionals, with the minimum requirements as outlined in the DFT guidelines. This course can be completed as part of a 5 day STCW package or individually.

Boatmaster Licence Fire Fighting

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