We are a Romanian independent company with head-office in Mangalia, on the Black Sea Coast. The company was founded in May 2000 and it is specialized in providing complete ships design & engineering, including production documentation  (numerical cutting documentation, steel production and assembling drawings, steel outfitting documentation, piping РISO & 3D coordination, electrical outfitting documentation) and ships models at scale (1:50 till 1:400)

Class documentation & unit drawings ready for production (output as AutoCAD based platform) under D.N.V., G.L., B.V. or other requested class society approval:

- Complete NC documentation according any Shipyard standards;

- Shell expansion with Strain analysis for a ship surface;

- Accurate NC-code for any controller and NC cutting machine, oxy-fuel, plasma, laser, water-jet, or router;

- Piping and steel outfitting (3D coordination, arrangements, ISO for production). Interference checking against structure and outfitting provides worry free production.

- Electrical cable trays coordination (arrangements & production documentation).


Website : CMT Engineering