There are lot of types of valves, gate valves, needle valves, buterfly valves, ball valves…for general use, for fuels, for corrosive agents, different sizes and different designs. Getting to choose the right valve for a specific purpose might be sometimes difficult choice. Here we have some general guidance to pick the right one but we strongly recommend to carefully read the producer documentation before purchasing.

Fluid Function Valve type Size min-max(mm)
WATER and OIL on / off gatevalve, butterfly valve, ball valve, plug valve gate: 3-1200   butterfly: 50-1800    ball: 6-1200               plug: 6-760
  control butterfly valve, globe valve, needle valve globe: 3-760            needle: 3-25
AIR and STEAM on / off gate valve, globe valve, ball valve, plug valve  
  control butterfly valve, globe valve, needle valve   


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