1            Start preparation

1.1         Documentation

Documentation is the package of drawings, procedures, certificates, lab analyzes, reports, any other document necessary or useful for the smooth and correct works inspections. Before proceeding to inspection be sure to have all necessary documentation for the specific purpose of inspection, all drawings, procedures and yard standards understood and agreed. Be sure documentation is Class approved, when case.


1.1.1      All necessary drawings  handed over to  supervisor (surveyor)

This is ideal case when you have all drawings in full amount and all details.

1.1.2      All necessary yard standard drawings handed over

Yard is using standard drawings, those drawings used on more projects when equipments and systems are similar. They can be solutions for typical steel works, outfitting works or similar systems. If this is the case ask for standard drawings to fully understand main drawings.

1.1.3      All necessary practice manuals and yard standards handed over

Assuming yard is ISO certified is using practice manuals for steel, outfitting, piping, electrical, etc. works. Practice manuals need to be provided to supervisor as they are usually part of the standards agreed in the contract. Read carefully these procedures and be sure they comply with owner standards and procedures.

1.1.4        Not all necessary documentation handed over

There are situations when not all documentation is provided to supervisor.

       Decide what documentation is compulsory and require  providing

If you do not have all necessary documentation and consider inspection cannot be carried out without it, require documentation to be provided. Real situations can drive to

       Required documentation provided

This is ideal case when documentation is provided and reading it you understood works and procedures.

       Required documentation not available

This can be one real case when full documentation is not available for various reasons. It is up to you if continue or not inspection.

      Decide whether trust or not other documenting sources

Based on own experience you can proceed further not before requesting documentation for sister ships. In this case leave a remark on inspection report, something like “Remarks will be closed after documentation providing”. Be sure the documentation provided for inspection is part of the full package of documentation and at least on the list of Class approved or for approval documentation.

1.2          Personnel

When talking about personnel have to think to both aspects, inspection team personnel and yard personnel. Both sides presence is compulsory to finalize an inspection.




2                Check if all conditions are satisfied

2.1             All conditions satisfied.

Proceed to inspection

2.2             Not all conditions satisfied

It is surveyor decision to continue inspection, to stop, to ask correction, etc. This is depending on specific conditions, contract terms, etc.

3                Start inspection


PDF document : Inspection general preparation

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