shipbuilding eq pl

Shipbuilding steel plates are available in different sizes and specifications to meet the requirements of clients. They follow different standards and specifications to satisfy various shipbuilding requirements, such as reduction in welding man-hours, shortening of welding lines, elimination of cutting steps, stabilization of fabricated part quality and reduction in control costs. Here you can find few usual standards equivalence for shipbuilding plates.


EN10225 BS7191 Werkstoff Norsok M-120 API
S355G2+N 355D 1.8801+N - -
S355G3+N 355E 1.8802+N - -
S355G5+M 355D 1.8804+M - -
S355G6+M 355E 1.8805+M - -
S355G7+N 355EM 1.8808+N - 2H Gr. 50
S355G7+M 355EM 1.8808+M - 2W Gr. 50/50T
S355G8+N 355EMZ 1.8810+N Y 21 S355N3 2H Gr. 50
S355G8+M 355EMZ 1.8810+M Y 21 S355M3 2W Gr. 50/50T
S355G9+N - 1.8811+N Y 25 S355N4 -
S355G9+M - 1.8811+M Y 25 S355M4 -
S355G10+N - 1.8813+N Y 20 S355N4z -
S355G10+M - 1.8813+M Y 20 S355M4z -
S420G1+Q - 1.8830+Q Y 35 S420Q3 2Y Gr. 60
S420G1+M - 1.8830+M Y 35 S420M3 2W Gr. 60
S420G2+Q - 1.8857+Q Y 30 S420Q3z 2Y Gr. 60
S420G2+M - 1.8857+M Y 30 S420M3z 2W Gr. 60
S460G1+Q 450EM 1.8878+Q Y 45 S460Q3 2Y Gr. 60
S460G1+M 450EM 1.8878+M Y 45 S460M3 2W Gr. 60
S460G2+Q 450EMZ 1.8887+Q Y 40 S460Q3z 2Y Gr. 60
S460G2+M 450EMZ 1.8887+M Y 40 S460M3z 2W Gr. 60

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