Having a social capital of  28.557.297,5 RON and a turnover of over 80 millions RON yearly, the shipyard is a solid and credible business partner.

 The two mains activities of the shipyard are:  

 the construction of the hulls totally designed for export, representing 99% from the society activity;

repairing of the hulls for the internal and external market;

Presently, the society is able to produce the fallowing types of hulls:

containers of  86 m,110 m and 135 m;

Chemical tanks and tanks for gas of 86 m, 110 m, 125 m, 135 m;

Chemical tanks with integrated cargo holds made from stainless steel duplex of110m;

Hopper barges;

Self-propelled barges of 2000 tones;


BIPT barges of 1500 tones;

EUROPA 2B barges of 1720 tones, standard;

EUROPA 2B barges of 1720 tone, with cabins;

EUROPA 2B of 3000 tones;

Mixed barges of 1100 tones;


RO-RO barges;

Push combination;


Website : Orsova Shipyard