The Balkans form the crossroads between Europe and the Middle East. This makes them a uniquely advantageous business center sitting at the confluence of many of the major trade routes along which raw materials and manufactured goods move between Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, and the Australia-Pacific region. Romania is located at the heart of this vital area, and offers the ideal transfer point between deep sea transport and shipment on inland waterways for every kind of goods and commodities. The gateway to the Danube is here, the water highway which links the Mediterranean and the Black Sea directly with the North Sea via the river Rhine, and with all major commercial and industrial centers on the European continent via a highly developed and sophisticated system of navigable rivers and canals. This, of course, is in addition to connections with all parts of the world via the regular deep sea shipping lanes.

 The dramatic political changes which altered the face of Eastern Europe starting in 1989 were the cause of profound economic transformation, resulting in new markets and business opportunities and offering remarkable new challenges to those eager and able to grasp them. Among the highlights of the new business panorama in this vital and important part of the world are the formerly state owned and now privatized large shipping lines and huge industrial plants, as well as the newly created free zones. All these offer exciting possibilities for gaining a foothold in this promising area.

 Having been established in 1990, at the dawn of this new era, Poseidon Shipping Ltd. has developed into one of the most influential companies in the shipping industry in this part of the world. This is due to a new and dynamic management philosophy and approach, which combines reliable business connections with a body of company personnel bringing a wealth of unique and difficult to match expertise and international experience to the firm. Poseidon Shipping Ltd. is thus able to offer its services to partners and clients in a variety of established fields, and to initiate and develop new ideas and enterprises in a cooperative format.



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