REMONTOWA SHIPBUILDING S.A. was established in June 1945. In the first phase of its existence it was named Shipyard No. 3 and its activity covered the construction and repairs of wagons, tramways and small ships.
In February 1950 Shipyard No. 3 was renamed to Northern Shipyard. In 1951 it began to specialise in construction of fishing vessels and ship’s furniture.
In 1955 the Shipyard began to co-operate with the Navy.
Up to the early 90’s the Shipyard was building  mainly warships and special vessels for the Navies of Poland, Soviet Union, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia and East Germany, especially landing crafts, hydrographic ships, rescue and training vessels as well as torpedo boats.  At the same time the Shipyard constructed highly specialised fishing vessels such as superseiners, supertrawlers and technical vessels.
The beginning of the 90’s brought for the Shipyard the necessity of radical change of its production profile. As a result of this move the Shipyard started to specialise in the construction of container feeder vessels destined for the German market and for Nigeria.
On 1 April 1993 Northern Shipyard was transformed into a joint-stock company.
In the next few years Northern Shipyard extended its offer by small size car-passenger ferries, fishing vessels, tugboats and offshore vessels.
Since June 2003 the main share-holder of Shipyard is Gdańsk Shiprepair Yard “Remontowa” S.A.
As the result of REMONTOWA Group’s consolidation and unification names of the companies belonging to the Group, in 2011  Northern Shipyard changed  the name into REMONTOWA SHIPBUILDING S.A.

REMONTOWA  SHIPBUILDING S.A. is the biggest of companies belonging to  the REMONTOWA  Group which gives an opportunity to offer highly technically specialized products – from the design to fully equipped ship.
The Shipyard specializes in building of advanced vessels such as:
- offshore support vessels,
- car – passenger vessels,
- tugs,
- cargo vessels (LNG/LPG/LEG carriers, container vessels, open deck carriers),
- multipurpose vessels (multi – function buoy tenders, patrol boats, hydrographic ships, research vessels).
Ships and boats built In Shipyard sail under the flags of: Denmark, Finland, Germany, Gibraltar, Great Britain,  Italy, Norway, Poland, Vanuatu and USA.

Website : Remontowa Shipbuilding