The only centre in Central and East Europe offering specialized training for those working in offshore industries.

The Sea Survival School is the only provider in Central and Eastern Europe for specialized trainings, dedicated mainly to those working in offshore industry.
Schools structure responds to training needs of all personnel working in the Black Sea region, but also to Romanian and foreign crewing companies.
The Sea Survival School was founded in 2010 as part of Regional Air Services Ltd. – Tuzla airport. Survival is a discipline of study, taught according to the latest and most demanding standards. The first international recognition of training standards is OPITO, which approved the Sea Survival School on February 7 2011 as „organization to provide training for personnel working in offshore oil and gas industry”. School guarantees, this way, that what you can be saved by what you learn.

sea survival

The Centre is equipped with:
- Specialized classrooms;
- Covered pool, equipped with systems to maintain water quality and temperature;
- Ditched helicopter simulator (METS standard);
- Different marine and aviation rafts;
- Helicopter simulator winch and platforms for jumping;
- Metal construction with two floors for training of the smoke exhaust;
- ‘Clean fire’ Simulator using propane gas;
- Lifeboat – TEMPSC;
- Dummies and first aid equipment training;
- Protection equipment;
- Video monitoring systems of the evolution of each student


 - indoor pool

 - helicopter simulator

 - fire simulator

 - specialized classes

 - individual equipments





-airport safety

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