grad-thOne important aspect of management is management of own carrier. Management of carrier starts with a clear, honest and attractive CV.  Here we try to show important things to be included in a CV, success of the candidate depends on more qualities, knowledge, experience, ability to manage and work under pressure, social attitude, etc. A CV of the same candidate applying for different positions in ...
proc-thDocumentation is the package of drawings, procedures, certificates, lab analyzes, reports, any other document necessary or useful for the smooth and correct works inspections. Before proceeding to inspection be sure to have all necessary documentation for the specific purpose of inspection, all drawings, procedures and yard standards understood and agreed. Be sure documentation is Class approved, when case.
org-thPerson in charge inside owner company is a person which have all power and necessary instruments to follow contracts and able to make all arrangements for good developing of projects. Depending on size and interest of company this person can be the contract manager, technical manager, fleet manager, etc.
rep-thClear, exact and timed reports can save time and money. How good is a surveyor if not able to issue reports to clarify the issues for the owner will create confusion and sometimes losses. That is the reason we consider reports must follow company standards or to create reporting standards for the company. It is not always as simple as it looks, all reporting data have to be collected and interpreted in a correct and clear maner.